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The PouchDb project is looking pretty good

February 1st, 2013

I along with a co-worker have been following the PouchDB project, HERE is a link to the project’s website. If you have been following some of my posts in the past, you know I have dabbled and used CouchDB quite a bit. One of the issues we ran into was when you want to post your documents right into a local couch say sitting on port :5984, you will run into a Cross Domain error, well, PouchDB seems to alleviate this issue by being a native JavaScript NoSQL solution, how sweet is that? The even sweeter piece to this puzzle is that it syncs right to a couchdb database natively, which is the icing on the cake for me. The big issue with PouchDB in the past was that it had a version of JQuery baked into it, which was causing any app I had that used JQuery to step on itself because of the multiple references, well, the guys working on that project have seemed to fix this problem, this tool is starting to look ready for the big time. I will update in the weeks to come some scenarios/examples of this in action.