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Github for Windows

June 13th, 2012

I have been using github for a while to help with my source code management and I just found this nice little tool that you Windows developers can now use that greatly simplifies development and code submission to Git. Here is the link: GitHub For Windows

Git Source Control Plugin for Visual Studio

January 24th, 2012

If you are a big user of GitHub, and  a growing number of people are, and you also use Visual Studio and you like the convenience of doing everything inside of visual studio, I have found a nice little extension for visual studio.  The Extension is called  the Git Source Control Provider and can be found HERE.  It’s basically the exact same thing as the Visual SVN plugin that integrates into Visual Studio which works with the SVN source control library, all the instructions are there to show you how to install it to your particular version of Visual Studio.  Please note that you will need to install msysgit, Git Extensions and TortoiseGit if you want all the relevant context menus in Visual Studio.  I could not get the push/pull/add commands in there but if you do a sync it will have all the command in the window for you.  I especially like the commit screen where it shows you what you are about to commit, this screen also allows you to open the .gitignore file and edit it on the fly, allowing you to ignore the files you want, pretty sweet: