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Modify your Kindle Fire Launcher Screen

February 10th, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I was never really a big fan of the default carousel on the Kindle Fire, but thankfully it is an android device and android devices are well known for their customization.  If you don’t have it, I recommend Go Launcher EX, but you won’t be able to install the apps until  you root your kindle and get that done first, I have outlined in my previous post HERE.  Here are a couple of screenshots to show you what is possible with Go Launcher:

With the latest version I have noticed that it does put a drain on your battery, a pretty large drain compared to when its not running.  I recommend getting Badass Battery Monitor and you will see where the drain is coming from.  I found that if I turned off my wifi when I wasn’t using it, it will last a long time.  I hope the developers can address this issue in an update, but Go Launcher is pretty sweet.