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Still Hacked!

April 18th, 2012

In my ongoing effort to keep my word press blogs from being hacked and redirecting folks all over those interwebs, I have finally found something that can show you just what is effected in your word press blogs.  Just go to your Dashboard and then to your plugins and ‘Add New’ plugin and do a search for ‘Exploit Scanner’.   This little tool will do a complete scan of your sites php files and will give you a report of the ones that have the potential threat in them too, it also says it will scan your database, although I found I didn’t have any problems in mine.  I found that in my particular situation, the problem was in all the themes I have downloaded in the past, the code in most of those directories was still hacked.  I recommend before you run this file go look thru your wp-content directory and then down in your themes directory and delete any themes you may have in there, it will speed up this search and save you time in your effort to eradicate this problem from your site :).  I hope this helps somebody out there, I know this has been pretty frustrating for me and I guess the plus side to it is that I have learned how WordPress works and a little more about php on the side. I also recommend going to your dashboard and doing a re-install of your current word press install, it will re-enable a lot of things that may or may not work in your admin.