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Building CouchApps (My latest adventure)

June 7th, 2012

I have been working with CouchDB for quite some time as you may have seen in my past blog posts and after a lot of research I came across the idea of a CouchApp as described here: CouchApps The idea is simple, communicate with your database straight instead of using an application server like Rails or MVC, let the database be your storage and application server. So far so good, what I especially love about how they function is the deployment aspect of it, you can deploy your site as easy as opening up your command line and typing in “couchapp push”, it really is that easy. If you couple this with Backbone.js like with this connector: Backbone-Couch Connector you have a very clean and efficient webapp. I will make more posts about this in weeks to come as I am very excited about the things I am learning about it.