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How to add music to your iPhone/iPod in the newest version of iTunes (

October 10th, 2012

It seems like each time I update iTunes I have some kind of issue adding my music to my phone so I thought I would share my experience with you and explain how its done, or at least the way I found to work with the latest version of iTunes.

1)  First drag your music to the Music section in the library:

2) When you have that done, simply click the “AutoFill” button in the bottom right hand corner and your music will be put on your phone for your listening pleasure. I hope this helps someone.

iTunes not grouping albums correctly

July 10th, 2012

Recently I was putting some music on my iPhone 4 and I noticed that it wasn’t grouping the songs in the same album correctly. Apparently iTunes groups the music based on the album name and the artists’ name when you look at it in the iTunes player on the phone. The first thing I tried was renaming it in iTunes which I thought would work after you edit it and it resyncs it back to the phone but that did nothing for me, I also followed these instructions on this site: Why aren’t songs with the same album art grouped together? and this did nothing as well. I finally found a solution, I removed the album from iTunes and then edited it using Windows properties on each song. The main problem with these songs were that they had multiple artists on each track and iTunes will not like it if those are in the descriptions. So you simply find the tracks on your computer, right click each one and go to Properties and go to Details. Make sure you just have the same artist in the “Contributing Artists” box and also the same “Album” in there, apply that to each one of the tracks and then re-import that back into iTunes and your music should show up correctly, I hope this helps anybody with this issue.