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Google Packaged Apps, a very interesting adventure.

July 12th, 2012

I recently stumbled across Google Packaged Apps, something that is in beta testing right now from Google and what could be the future of applications as we know it.  What makes this new technology so interesting to me is that the apps are written completely in javascript and HTML, which runs anywhere.  The biggest drawback that I see thus far is that you are required to run things out of the Chrome browser, which is expected I guess coming from Google, but the idea that you can run an app in its own native window and act and feel like a native app is very interesting.  You can learn more here.

One little piece of advice before you try to run any of the samples, you need to download the latest (experimental) version of the chrome browser called Canary, I tried running the samples inside the current version of chrome and they ran but they won’t run outside of the browser the way they are intended to, the Google guys that wrote the documentation left that little part out, or at least I didn’t see it.