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WebMatrix 2 Beta is pretty busted…

August 16th, 2012

I didn’t really want to install the webmatrix2 product from Microsoft but I wanted the iphone and ipad simulator cause if you are like me, you don’t have a few hundred bones laying around to buy an ipad.  So I learned from the company that made the simulator that they have put it on the gallery for install with webmatrix, fine, you can read about that here:  All I wanted was the simulator but I can’t get that unless I download the matrix tool, which I did and after a reboot I fired up webmatrix and found that I cannot get the tool until I create a site in the tool and then go into that gallery to get the tool, certainly a lot of hoops if you ask me just to get a tool, but I wanted the tool, so I tried to create a site.  When I try to create any site with webmatrix I get this error:

Every blog or forum I have seen online is telling me to reinstall IIS and WebMatrix, which I do not really want to do at the moment cause I am in the middle of Azure development and I don’t want to mess my environment up, not to mention I really didn’t want this tool to begin with.