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How to debug using jsfiddle

November 12th, 2012

Here is a little known feature of jsfiddle that you may not have known about that comes in very handy when you are using to create your javascript mockups. If you just insert into any point in your code the keyword debugger; it will break on that line, this even includes templates!! Check out the fiddle I created here to see what I am talking about, to see the fiddle in action, all you have to do is right click in the window in chrome or firefox and inspect the site or get your developer window open and jsfiddle will take care of everything else. I hope this can help someone!

If you are a Web Developer, JSFiddle is your friend!!

November 9th, 2012

If you surf around on the web much, I am sure you have come across a JSFiddle, or basically a code example online, here is an example of one I have been working on, I have been putting off using it for the longest time but last night I sat down and created an account and I can’t believe I didn’t use this tool long ago. You can pretty much do anything you want if you want to mock up web UI’s. If you need js libraries, just include them on the left using the “Manage Resources” link, you just reference the js library you want and it will include it and start using it with your code. This is a great tool to mock stuff up and send to co-workers or just place on blogs like this one. It has all the popular frameworks already included, all you have to do is check them off and it will start using em. It look like it will even simulate calls to the server, which I have yet to use but I will probably be testing that out in the future. So go ahead and create an account, its free and apparently accounts are limited, so you may want to hurry up, happy coding!!