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Updating SVN and losing permissions on windows machine?

January 8th, 2014

Are you running a project on windows and each time you update your repo locally from SVN losing permissions on files?  I have banged my head around on this one for quite a while and I think I finally have the answer to this problem.

Open your repo on your machine and make sure you have hidden files turned on and look for a directory that is called .svn.  Right click on that folder and choose “Properties”, then choose the “Security” tab and inside that make sure you have the IUSR user in there, especially if you are running IIS as your web server.  If you already have that user in there or once you get that in there, click on the “Advanced” button below and then you will see the same users again in a screen that looks like this adv_sec

Click on the check below to “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object”.  Hit Apply and it should go thru and apply that to everything in your svn directory.

Apparently the problem is when you do an svn “Update”, it brings the new files down, sticks them into temp and then copies them over.  That copy somehow loses permissions during that process, maybe it brings the file into that tmp folder and then that file with less permissions comes over to your directory with less permissions.  Not sure but this seems to fix the issue for me.

My Bootstrap 3 notes

January 2nd, 2014

I thought I would put together a list of some things I have noticed about Bootstrap 3 for anybody here either trying to implement it for their site or doing an upgrade form 2.x to it.  This will probably be more helpful for those of you upgrading because I will go into differences I have noticed in the two.  I welcome any comments to this as I do not profess to be the authority on this stuff, lol.

Here is the code I came up with for the popover tool

var popOverSettings = {
                        placement: 'bottom',
                        container: 'body',
                        html: true,
                        selector: '#tools',
                        content: tpel,
                        title: "Tools"


The key differences I see here is the container: body and the selector: ‘#tools’ items.  Those options seem to be in the last 2.x version but for some reason my popover would not format correctly till I got it added in.

Another big thing I noticed is that a lot of the elements across my site had user agent css applied to my html, in particular this one: -webkit-padding-start:40px;.  What you need to do to solve this one is add in a ‘reset’ css to your site up front, here is a good one to reset your elements before bootstrap gets a hold of it:  Supposedly these styles are just part of the browser, like Chrome or Internet Explorer and the reset.css file just takes your site and ‘resets’ all the elements back to the basic.