Adobe disappoints me a bit..

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I have been rolling along with my little PDF fillable form and its working great, I got it working on the acrobat reader on Windows and it even works inside Internet Explorer but I noticing it doesn’t work a whole lot of other places, particularly in the mobile world, which is where I forsee my users really want this functionality to end up.

When I open the PDF in safari or chrome, it will let me fill out the form but the submit button does nothing, which surprised me. It turns out each one of those browsers have their own way of handling the pdf form submissions. Here is my findings so far:

IE – Works
Chrome – No Worky
Firefox – Works
Safari – Could not even get it to load, not sure what is going on there

Then I started testing it over on my Kindle and IPhone and iPad, it pulls up on each one of those but again the submit button does nothing, this is very frustrating. Then I found this link and learned that Adobe doesn’t support it yet, so I am waiting on an update.

Adobe Sucks


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