Google Chrome caches “Like a Boss”

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If you do much web development at some point with google chrome you will notice that it is notorious for caching your web pages, which is very frustrating to a web developer when you want to see your changes.  I came across some settings that you can stick in the startup link that will set chrome to never use any cache.


are the parameters…

Simply close Chrome, right-click your Chrome shortcut, click Properties, and then in the field labeled “Target:”, make it look something like this:

“…chrome.exe” –disk-cache-dir=”CACHE_DIR” –disk-cache-size=N

Where ‘CACHE_DIR’ is the new cache location, and ‘N’ is the cache size limit, in bytes.

Here is what mine looks like:  C:\Users\eddie\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –disk-cache-dir=”C:\temp” –disk-cache-size=0



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