site creating new IP address with Windows Azure

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If you have a windows azure project that launches a site and you are running on IIS Express and for some reason it is incrementing  the IP address up another number, I have the solution for you.  According to Microsoft here is how they assign IP addresses:

“Web role deployments are allocated different increasing IP addresses, starting with get, while trying to maintain the port specified in the service definition file. If the service definition file defines two web role deployments and specifies that they use port 8081, the compute emulator would attempt to assign and as the endpoints.

If the port specified in the service definition is in use, then compute emulator tries to allocate an alternate port by monotonically increasing the given port number until one is available. In case of port ranges, the compute emulator tries to allocate a range within which there’s at least one port available.

For example, if port 80 is specified in service definition and is in use by another process, but port 81 is free, the web role deployment is allocated The compute emulator will issue a warning that the port in use and unavailable to be allocated as defined in the service definition. The warning appears on the console through CSRUN.exe tool, and in the “Output” window” (“View”->”Output”) for Visual Studio users.”

Microsoft seems to be saying that the emulator handles this for you, mine seemed to not, so all I had to do was stop and start the windows azure emulators and all was good.


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