Need a COBOL job??

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I post this out of humor for my fellow software developer friends cause I know how most feel about writing in COBOL.  I keep thinking its a dying language but here is someone looking to hire me to write this stuff.  I know its a proven language and it runs on mainframes and you can trust it, thus why banks are still using it to this day, (this is actually a banking company that uses this).  I just would have thought by now (30 years later) that companies like this would be doing this kind of computing in some other fashion, is this the best there is for data processing?  I have talked to some of the people that work at this company and they say that its gotten better to write COBOL, meaning the IDE and tools are getting better, not the language.

If you need a job, here is a posting for one, just leave me your contact info and I will pass it along.  This job should pay good since there just aren’t many out there that are wanting to do COBOL development and I am sure colleges are still teaching it for this reason.  I know I wouldn’t want this job, unless it paid truckloads of money and I could retire in a year, which I highly doubt it does.


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