How to delete your Web SQL databases in Google Chrome

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I am working on a project that makes use of the local web browser storage to cache some items and I noticed when I am in webkit in chrome there is no way to delete my Web SQL database, well I have finally figured out how to at least get rid of them for testing purposes.  Just simply open the run command and put this in there %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\databases, that is the directory you want to clean out to start over again with your local databases.  Don’t forget to shut down all instances of chrome, you may need to go to the Task Manager and end all the chrome processes if you try to delete the contents of that folder and it doesn’t allow you to.



  1. i_a says:

    For developing / testing purposes, you can delete webSQL, IndexedDB, cookies, etc by searching for your domain name at this URL in Chrome:


    There, you can delete all the storage for a domain or just certain local storage entities. Yes, the URL implies just ‘cookies’, but the interface at this URL includes all types of offline storage.

  2. STEVER says:

    thx, it’s a part what I’m trying to found.

    BTW, also I need something to dump DBs

  3. Robin D. Weidner says:

    In chrome extensions there is a app called History Eraser App 3.9.4 and it Deletes webSQL databases. its deletes a lot of dif. stuff. you may find it to be what you were looking for

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